Archer Ace - sticker

Name: Seiji Yukigami/Yukigami Seiji)


First Appearance: Adventure Comics v1 #250 1958

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Wayward Earth HistoryEdit

The Ace Archer of Japan and his motorized rickshaw... Unlike most of the Green Arrows of the World old Ace looked exactly like GA save for the pronounced overbite and squint. Only thing to do was go ethnic without making him a cartoon. Thankfully Japan has an amazing history of archers so there was reference, except most of it is related to Kyudo and a 2.5-3meter daikyu would make romping about the rooftops a bit difficult. So mostly went horse archer with the hankyu. And some of that was due to the kinda awesome hat. Brother of the Rising Sun Archer - Keiji Yukigami (- Yukigami Keiji) - (Robin v4 #134 2005), so grand uncle to Lisa Yukigami - an assassin and current Rising Sun Archer. Figure older brother was an operative for the Imperials and met an end most inconvenient and potentially messy. Ace then was a government agent like his brother, but a traditionalist. Leads to a nice contrast with his old fashioned sensibilities and Meiko Osono's oh-so-modern ways.