Big Science Action 2

Kagaku Akushon)

Grant Morrison introduced Big Science Action in the pages of Final Crisis from DC comics. His plan, I guess, was to make a Japanese JLA comprised of some preexisting DC characters and a bunch he based on Japanese movies and TV shows. At a glance it worked; there was Ultraman and Rising Sun and... a school-girl in a Mad Cat? Silver Surfer on roller blades? And Boss Bōsōzoku? A nuclear powered (one would assume from the name) leader of the Yakuza farm-team? There was also Senior Waveman Kimura (- Shinia Uēbuman Kimura), but the Wavemen were already a Sentai of their own and it made little sense for him to moonlight as Sentai are rather insular. There were enough things that just didn't work, so I got to kibitzing with celamowari and we (in our infinite wisdom) fixed the lot of it. The team was supposed to have come together during the Monster Wars, which given DC's sliding timeline could have been just about anywhen, but Rising Sun was a founding member of the Global Guardians about 1958 so that was our starting point. Meant poring over ridiculous amounts of tokusatsu shows and immersing ourselves (in C's case re-immersing himself) in mid-century Japanese Super Heroes. Referring to the Weird War () and the great Silver Age Giant Monsters DC was chock full of the question came up “Where did they all come from?”. Broke down to there being Space Monsters and Terrestrial Monsters, and the Space Monsters were attracted to Earth by all the weird radio signals and radiation let loose during WWII and the succeeding Weird War. Dinosaur Island was already a Monster hot spot the original Suicide Squad () played about in, but the first ones out in the world were the Space Monsters. In comes :devLordWormm: and the Terrestrial Monsters being a defense against the Space Monsters let loose by the Subterraneans of which there were a great many races of varying technological acumen. SO! The Monsters Wars were a mighty dust-up; not Monsters vs Man, but Earth Monsters vs Space Monsters. Most of this was in the South Pacific, but wherever the rads an' radio drew the Space Monsters there was the home team and rather a bit of property damage. Japan after the war had to have been an interesting place already given what radiation does to the folks who live in comic books, and there was certainly no lack of radiation to draw the Space Monsters...