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Name: Andrew Morgan


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It seems before Jefferson Pierce became Black Lightning DC had another idea - Black Bomber. Racist white soldier gets mixed up with a camouflage experiment and whenever he gets more'n a bit agitated he turns into a black superhero. And it gets better... Neither the white guy nor Black Bomber remember being the other and each has a girlfriend of similar ethnic stock and they do know. High jinks ensue. Thankfully Tony Isabella put the nix to this oh-so-brilliant plan from the powers-that-were and instead introduced us to Black Lightning.

Now, I'm thinking this isn't a complete loss. A soldier exposed to a military experiment is a long and well trod trope. Stick with that, make the fellow static in his melanin content, and you have DC's answer to Luke Cage. Figure flight and some sort of energy projection make the most sense, enhanced physical attributes, keep the emotional instability but more Damage-like as when he gets a proper mad on he has a tendency to become a human IED. Search for inner peace in the midst of the chaos of modern society and you have a hero.

Andrew Morgan, a United States Army Ranger, who after a notable if not distinguished career got caught out during testing of an experimental gas by the US military. Thought dead he was taken to the morgue where, when he woke up, his powers kicked in and he exploded taking most of the research wing with him. After Morgan clawed his way out of the rubble he reported to his CO who thought Morgan was clean out of his tree. Morgan then becoming agitated at the obvious disbelief began to levitate and glow which caused his CO to call in the MPs ASAP. Things probably wouldn't have gone much further except on of the MPs couldn't hold his fire or his bowels when faced with a flying, glowing man and with a bullet lodged in his shoulder Morgan blew a hole in the wall and flew off (only taking out one truck and a watchtower on his way). Morgan was on the run from the military from then on.

I'm not sure what the copyright status on this one would be seeing as Black Bomber was never actually published and this version is rather far from the original concept, but to cover ass I will say the original concept of Black Bomber was developed by DC Comics and if there are any rights being infringed upon it is all in the spirit of fandom.