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Name: Louis Sendak

Alias(es): None

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Relations, Sidekicks, Colleagues, and TeamsEdit

Blue Beetle Legacy, Cairo Club, Society of Science Heroes, Justice Society of America, All-Star Squadron

Completely unrelated to the Scarab Legacy

Wayward Earth HistoryEdit

Louis Sendak's father was a practitioner of strange arts who one day brought home a green door, set it up in the hallway like a normal door and left it. Eugene Sendak would occasionally put on his leather pants and sword belt, take up his pack and disappear through the door. In his youth Eugene's son thought his father was simply away on some vague 'salesman's business'. Louis grew up and went to collage and became an archeologist all the while thinking he'd come from a fairly normal family.

Louis ended up in Cairo before the second world war with Professor Luri Hoshid. They would uncover the tomb of Kha-ef-Re and the Scarabaeus. The Scaranaeus, sensing the residual energies clinging to Sendak after living so long next to a portal to the subtle realms, partially activated for him granting powers beyond those of mortal men.

Hoshid would die in Africa. After the Cairo Club fell apart Sendak returned to Staten Island and became a professor of Archeology and the Mystery Man Blue Beetle. He would meet his future wife Eleanor at a faculty New Years party.

When Sendak's father disappeared for the last time Louis and Eleanor moved into the family home. In 1956 Eleanor found the Green Door open and entered, becoming lost to the world when the door closed and would not open. Louis went a little crazy then and a good friend on the faculty convinced him to take a year's sabbatical. The year gone by and no closer to opening the door or finding his wife Louis gave up his role as the Blue Beetle and threw himself into his teaching, mostly as a tool for further research. During this time Louis would meet his finest pupil – Ted Kord. As the years passed Louis grew frustrated and gave the Scarabeaus to Kord. Kord never could get it to work, but became the Blue Beetle anyway, just as his own sort of science hero.