Team Members and AssociatedEdit

Patriot, Lady Liberty, Captain Swift, Bowman, Princess Power, Mister Might, Mermaid, Inferior Five

Wayward Earth HistoryEdit

As presented in the Inferior Five comics the Freedom Brigade were in fact serious heroes (as opposed to their kids) who had “retired twenty years ago” in 1966. That puts them squarely in the Golden age, and with a little temporal futzing – say fifteen years after retirement instead of twenty, and if they quit in '52 with the rest of the Mystery Men then they get some pretty decent heroic careers out of it.

Don't know where the idea came from, but placing the Freedom Brigade in New Orleans solved a couple of issues. They were a pretty straight Justice League pastiche except instead of Batman and Green Lantern they had an Uncle Sam and a Miss America. Patriot (the Uncle Sam) with his decidedly flash costume would make a rather good Batman of New Orleans, and Lady Liberty with her torch and tiara would perhaps be a bit more Starman – the tiara allowing mental control of the torch which would then manipulate some form of energy into shields, blasts, constructs, flight, etc - but could fill the Green Lantern position. Additionally Lady Liberty's French Connection (being descended from the Crimson Chrysanthemum, a Scarlet Pimpernel pastiche) lends itself to the history of New Orleans. A bit of a bonus is Steve Tremor – Princess Power's first beau – he ends up originally a Tremore, and a Cajun adventurer. 

The Barb-Ell from Neon and Diana the Huntress stories were created by Myron Victor in his comic strip Wonderfella as a bit of a disinformation campaign to protect the identities of the Freedom Brigade.