Kha-Ef-Re found the Scarabaeus Khaji Da and with it became pharaoh. The activation of the Scarabaeus drew the attention of the Reach who invaded Egypt from the Subtle Realms. The incursion drew the attention of Nabu and Jedediah of Caanan who appeared in Egypt to face the threat. Kha-Ef-Re, Nabu, and The Mighty Adam beat back the Reach with the help of the Atlantian Atlan and the wielders of the Starheart, the Ruby of Life, and Tantu Totem .

This assemblage of heroes would continue to bring justice to the region until the death of Kha-Ef-Re at the hands of Vandal Savage. The wielder of the Ruby of Life was torn apart by the Heart of Darkness and both were blasted across the planet the ruby ending up in South America, the Heart in the south seas. A Thanagarian assassin working for Savage killed Kha-Ef-Re's son but was in turn killed by the Mighty Adam. Kha-Ef-Re's grandson then became pharaoh and carried the assassin's wings. During the reign of Khufu Nabu was banished from the mortal realms, The Mighty Adam was imprisoned for wiping out the armies of Ak-ton that invaded Kandaq, the Wizard SHAZAM was exiled to the Rock of Eternity, and Khufu and his wife Chay-Ara were murdered by Hath-Set under orders from Vandal Savage. Khufu and Chay-Ara were both descended from the homo-magi and killed by a psychoactive Nth metal dagger. This set their souls, and the soul of Hath-Set, on a cycle of rebirth.