Mister Might

Name: Halk Kar

Alias(es): Thomas Brent

First Appearance: (as Halk Kar of Thoron) Superman v1 #80 1953 DC, (as Tom Brent) The Young Doctors v1 #1 1963 Charlton, (as Mister Might) Showcase v1 #62 1966 DC

In-Universe Debut: 1941

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 300 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Relations, Sidekicks, Colleagues, and TeamsEdit

Freedom Brigade

Wayward Earth HistoryEdit

Thoron was a Kryptonian colony, but after the invasion and subsequent theft of Kandor by Brainiac Krypton cut off all off-planet contact. To discover what had happened to Krypton rocket jockey Halk Kar volunteered for what was likely a one-way trip in an experimental rocket loaded with a transmitter buoy. When Halk's ship crashed on Krypton Jor El, a native scientist, informed Halk that the planet was soon to explode and he should really find somewhere else to be. Jor El, being something of a rocket enthusiast, repaired Halk Kar's ship and even provided a star map to the planet he, Jor El, planned to escape to when Krypton exploded. When the ship was ready Halk Kar took off, but spent a couple days orbiting the planet while writing his report and preparing the buoy. The buoy launched Halk was planing to leave when Krypton exploded and the ensuing shock wave shot the ship off across the galaxy. The beating the ship took caused the emergency functions to kick in and Halk was placed in suspended animation. The last programmed location was the planet Jor El had indicated and this the autopilot took as a confirmed destination. Unfortunately it took some years for the ships systems to auto-repair and course correct, so by the time Halk Kar landed on Earth Jor El's son had already been there long enough to grow up into Superman. After a bout of amnesia and some mistaken identity Halk Kar, knowing he was unlikely to ever find his way home, decided to stay on Earth and with the help of Kal El - now called Clark Kent – concocted the identity of Tom Brent and went on to become a surgeon.

Mister Might was already a Halk Kar hijacking, so I just added a few more of the original details back in with a Kryptonian House Crest