Kotero - sticker

Name: Nicholas Kotero

Alias(es): The Loveboat Killer

First Appearance: Green Arrow Annual v2 #7 1995

In-Universe Debut:





Relations, Sidekicks, Colleagues, and TeamsEdit

Wayward Earth HistoryEdit

The Loveboat Killer. This guy should've been Green Arrow's Joker. The super-suit they gave him in the comics when he took on Connor and Kyle was a bit crap and didn't really have any personality to it. So, here he's got half a super-suit and a harness under the Hawaiian shirt (shamelessly stolen from Magnum PI) full of pointy things. Says killer, says Island Paradise... Gives him a sense of humour at the onset.

On Wayward Earth Ollie was stranded on Dinosaur Island for years (not sure how many because time gets a little funny on the Island, but it was more than the five that passed in the outside world), and Kotero was the most constant companion he had. They saved each other from dinosaurs, robots, Romans, Japanese soldiers, Skartarans and hunted each other almost as energetically. Friendly rival sort of thing with more homicidal intent. While Ollie was getting kind of amazing with the bow, Kotero was honing his skill with knives.

At some point a passenger jet came down on the island and while Ollie was trying to help the survivors Kotero was hunting them down and torturing them. Come to find out, before he'd washed up on the Island Kotero had a lovely side-line going as a cruise ship serial killer. When Ollie found this out he hunted Kotero down with a bit more enthusiasm than he'd shown before and stuck three arrows in him before knocking Kotero off a cliff and into the sea.

Should've been the end of him, but this is a comic book universe, and Kotero washed up in Indonesia with a skill-set that opened up whole new avenues of employment. Probably did a stint with the Suicide Squad. Much, much later after Ollie'd married Dinah Lance and started his run for mayor of Star City, Ollie received information that Marianne, a girl he'd known in Seattle, had been killed and left a will naming him father of their daughter Olivia Huntsman. Ollie and Roy went to Seattle to investigate and found it was Kotero who'd set up in the Pacific Northwest and gotten back to his serial killer roots. When Ollie and Roy tracked Kotero down at last Ollie beat Kotero to death with his bare hands, just to be sure it was done right this time. Roy made the body disappear and they returned to Star City with Ollie's new daughter Olivia in tow. Damned near destroyed his marriage, but they worked through it in the end.