Scarlet and Blue - sticker

Little Boy Blue, Mister Scarlet, Pinky the Wizkid, and Little Miss Mischief

Gotham City Heroes in the Golden Age before Thomas Wayne returned to Gotham

Mister Scarlet
Brian Butler
Wow Comics #1 (1940)

Pinky the Whiz Kid
Paul Creighton
Wow Comics #4 (1941)

Little Miss Mischief
Jane "Janey" Karnes
Sensation Comics #72 (1947)

Daniel “Dan” Rogers
Former circus geek, escapologist, and master of disguise.
Compatriot of Brian Butler, a circus acrobat. When his son Tommy was born he gave up the circus, went to law school and eventually became a District Attorney

Virginia Rogers
Former circus performer (fire-breather, acrobat) turned housewife. There may have been a friendly rivalry between Dan and Brian over the affections of Virginia.

Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys

Thomas “Tommy” Rogers
Richard “Tubby” Mehlville
Herbert “Toughy” Simms
Benito “Butch” Zanetti
brother of Antonio “Trigger Tony” Zanetti
Fredrick “Freddie” Gaines
(shrimpy newsboy)
Joseph “Joey” Smith
(juvenile delinquent)
Sensation Comics #1 1942

Inspired by Mister Scarlet and Pinky Tommy and his gang decided to be heroes. They worked as informants for Mister Scarlet until the war when Tommy put on a costume to do his part.
All of the Blue Boys had horns which they could use to summon the other Blue Boys if they witnessed a crime in progress, but only Tommy wore the blue suit.