50,000 Years Ago Edit

Martian Civil War

Destruction of Phaeton

Phaeton Meteorites first impact earth (this will continue for millenia)

J'Onn J'Onzz is abducted from his decimated home by doctor Saul Erdel

The Blood Tribe/Insiders/666 Monsters of Chaos

Members of the Bear and Blood Tribes are exposed to a large Phaeton Meteor. After a hundred years of war they form a single tribe and call their homeland Nibiru.

Immortal Man (Strange Adventures v1 #177 1965), Vandal Savage (Green Lantern v1 #10 1944), Resurrection Man - Gar/Mitchell “Mitch” Shelly (Resurrection Man v1 #1 1997), Man of the Ages (America's Greatest Comics v1 #3 1942), Father Time (Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #3 2006), Wotan (More Fun Comics #55 1940), Azar (New Teen Titans v1 #3 1981), Sela (JLA #70 2002), Rama Khan (JLA #62 2002), and Gnarrk (Teen Titans #32 1971) who was almost immediately entombed under a volcano.

Java is entombed and preserved in ice.

Brave and the Bold v1 #57 1965

Know Man is abducted by Controllers

Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #2 1996

Anthro (Showcase v1 #74 1968 ) and Aurakles (Justice League of America v1 #100 1972 ) are visited by the New Gods

King Kull & the Beastmen/SubMen

Captain Marvel Adventures #125 1951 Fawcett


Flash Comics v1 #71 1946 DC

Gorilla City

Flash v1 #106 1959 DC

5509 BCE – Edit

Abrahamic Presence makes itself known

A shepherd named Jebediah is chosen as the Earthy Champion of the Presence and gifted with the angelic power of SHAZAM

1783-1920 American Frontier/Wild West (1832-1901 Victorian Era) Edit

1890-1935 The Pulp Age Edit


The Cairo Club

1936-1952 The Golden Age Edit

1936 - The Clock and The Hawk come on the scene as the first “Mystery Men”. They were the bridge between the Adventurer Heroes of the 20s and the Mystery Men of the 40s. They were the first and seemingly on a whim inspired an entire generation of heroes.

The Seven Soldiers appear

1939 - Beginnings of WWII

The Society of Science Heroes and Sentinels of Magic appear The Crime Crusaders Club appears

The Freedom Fighters (I) Appear

1940 – Ace of Space and the Slogon Invasion (Feature Comics #38 1940 Quality)

1941-1945 – America in WWII - The All Star Squadron

1941 - Return of King Kull and The Squadron of Justice appears

1942 – Dan Hardin and the Sons of the Dawn attack Washington DC

1943 – Light Invasion & Heart of Darkness – Nazis try to summon the Light Entity Army Doctor Dayzl of RoNoL feared. The Ray, the Shard, and the invisible heroes are the first line of defense. Eventually Diamond Jack collects more shards of the Heart and becomes overwhelmed by its destructive influence, but in the process defeats the leader, and strongest, of the Light Entities. The gathered heroes then have to take down Jack who has gone evil under the influence of the Heart of Darkness.

1944 - Nebula Man and the Seven Soldiers (I) disappear. Seven Soldiers (II) appear.

1945 – Wildfire loses control and is brought down by the Freedom Fighters and Squadron of Justice

1946 - The Weird War

1947 – Karkull Event

1952 - The HUAC shuts down the Mystery Men. Some become Crime Busters, most choose to retire.

1953 - Superman and Captain Comet leave Earth

1953 – Ragnarok – a lingering plot by Hitler to bring about the end of the world if he should lose the war. The Phantom Stranger recruits a handful of heroes to stop it. Those who returned would form a new Justice Society

The end of the Ninth Age of Magic

1952-1968 The Rocket Age Edit

The Doom Patrol (II) appears

The Challengers of the Unknown

Cave Carson

The Sea Devils

Echos of Justice

The Justice Experience

1968-Present The Silver Age Edit

The Beginning of the Tenth Age of Magic

Barry Allen appears as the Flash

197X Justice League (I) appears

The Teen Titans appear

Wonder Woman (II) appears

Superman Returns

Seven Soldiers Return

The Justice League gets a bit of a shake up

Justice League (II)

Return of the All-Star Squadron

Infinity Inc