50,000 Years Ago (more or less)Edit

  • Martian Civil War
  • Destruction of Phaeton
  • Phaeton Meteorites first impact earth (this will continue for millenia)
  • J'Onn J'Onzz is abducted from his decimated home

by doctor Saul Erdel

  • The Blood Tribe/Insiders/666 Monsters

of Chaos

Members of the Bear and Blood Tribes are exposed to a large Phaeton Meteor. After a hundred years of war they form a single tribe and call their homeland Nibiru.

  • Immortal Man, Vandal Savage, Resurrection Man, Man of the Ages, Father Time, Wotan, Azar, Sela, Rama Khan, and Gnarrk who was almost immediately entombed under a volcano.
  • Java is

entombed and preserved in ice.

  • Know Man is abducted by Controllers
  • Anthro and Aurakles are visited by

the New Gods

  • King Kull & the Beastmen/SubMen
  • Feithera
  • Gorilla City

1783-1920 American Frontier/Wild West/1832-1901 Victorian Era/1890-1935 The Pulp AgeEdit

1935-1952 The Golden AgeEdit

1953-1965 The Rocket AgeEdit

1966-1985 The Silver AgeEdit

1986-2011 The Bronze AgeEdit

Post Great DisasterEdit

The FutureEdit